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Sepeda motor injeksi irit

May 15th 9:16pm

Hallo, Kaligrafixamthone

May 15th 9:15pm

Much better. *puts broom away*

Jun 25th 1:56pm

nah, iwouldnt even stoop that low man....... *co-wrote!*

May 4th 9:10am

DIGGIN that wujoint-may havta lie to people n tell em i wrote it lol

May 4th 8:52am

aint much ced, just lookin 4 sum shelterr!

May 3rd 10:10am

what up mask!

May 2nd 11:20pm


May 2nd 7:57pm

Thank You...

 I say all of this at the risk of sounding cheesey (and grammatically stunted) but...

Well, im not sure how we got to this point but it's neither  here nor there.  I made my song and went through my angry phase and in case you So.Au fans dont know i may or may not be a part of So.Authentic anymore.  Honestly im not too sure, as there has been minimal communication in regards to that.  But i digress.  I'm here to say this:  Thank you So.Authentic.

aGG & Barakus Present: Neighborhood Watch



aGG & Barakus bring you their new EP:

Neighborhood Watch

Click here to go to the album!

2009 not as strong as 2008....

aside from Eville and Cgats putting out their LP's with production provided by yours truly, 2009 was not nearly as productive for me as was 2008... in 2008 I made nearly 300 tracks and in 2009 I've made maybe 100? All though I will say that even though I haven't made as much, the quality is > than the quantity.. what will 2010 bring? who knows... lately i've been on a streak of making quality tracks and having fun with it, hopefully I can take that level of creativity into the new year...

MegaWorks *in reflection*

Ok. Here we are. Megahurts is finished and so is LLM. How do I feel? Exhilirated and relieved. I cannot believe it's been 25 months of work and finally my 20lb baby is born. I know that's a little morbid but, I'm the poet here I know about resonance.lol The outpouring of support has been tremendous and much more than I ever expected. People feel the way I feel about good music and it shows that if it's presented, people will not only respond but they'll reverberate with excitement. It seems that in this age of microwave socio-ecnomics that art's taken a backseat. And I mean that in all mediums and genre's. What happened to firmly planted dedication? 

aGG's Pledge To The Group...

 To the fans and everybody in So.Authentic, I’m sorry.
I’m extremely sorry.
You were Hoping for a united trinity,
That was my goal, something So.Au hasn't had in almost three years,
It's my fault.  But Im here to make it right...

It's So.Au Bitch!

.....and now that ive gotten that out of the way, allow me this moment to say hello and welcome to the brand new So.Au Ink site.... we have a mixtape and 3 solo albums available for free download in the "sounds of interest" section.  One being your's truly's very own "Life, Love and Music" which is my first solo effort.  I think it's great....of course ... cus im just the shit ... ;-)

Eville presents: Megahurts

Click here to go to the MegaHurts Album on Eville's Site
(will open in a new window)
Welcome to my magnum opus: MegaHurts.

Cgats Presents: Life, Love & Music


So.Au.Ink's member Cgats' debut solo album

Live, Love & Music

So.Au.Ink Presents: Dillagents The Mixtape Vol 1

So.Au.Ink Presents: Dillagents the mixtape, is here!

With tracks featuring SoAu members C Gats, Eville and Agg (along with a multitude of guest MC's) we are commemorating the legacy of one of hip hop's most influential Producers/MC's, Jay Dilla (aka Jay Dee aka James Yancey) by spitting heat over some of his best instrumentals.

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